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Our Mission

CyberMedics is here to help.

At CyberMedics, we believe in creating systems that can grow, adapt, and change as quickly as their environment by combining lean principles with the modern digital workplace.

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What Sets Us Apart

My career began in the aerospace industry where I was part of a lean transformation that brought incredible efficiency to our manufacturing facility. The outcome of that project was such a success that my team decided to apply this transformation to the office environment as well. We quickly discovered that many of the lean principles use physical artifacts (like Kanban cards) that don’t translate well into the digital age of office work. To be successful, we needed a software that would fit our new work processes in the office – but that software didn’t exist, yet.


I started CyberMedics with the goal of creating software that combines traditional lean principles with the modern digital workplace. We help teams to understand the work they’re doing, identify opportunities for improvement, and create custom software that can grow, adapt, and change as quickly as their environment does. We developed the CyberProcess to ensure our clients get exactly the software they need as quickly as possible.


Whether you are just realizing you need something new, or already have existing software solutions that are no longer meeting your needs, CyberMedics is here to help!

- Garrett Curtis

The Story of


It all started with
a simple idea...

"Good processes help people get more done in less time."

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Meet Our Team

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is here to help.

We work to understand your current business processes and uncover your organization's unique needs to deliver long-term growth. Tell us more about your project to start the conversation.

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