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IT Management Consulting

Case Study

We helped turn around a struggling internal software development team by implementing lean product development processes, helping them find and hire top-tier talent, and providing ongoing management coaching. 

The client is a nationally recognized leader in the security industry. Security 101 offers a range of services including system design, engineering, and installation.

To help Security 101, we needed to hire the right team and implement the CyberProcess™ in order to deliver the changes required for their company to grow.

The Challenge

Security 101 recently had partnered with a private equity firm and was looking to revamp their internal business applications to align with their new business model. The existing in-house development team was using outdated processes and as a result were consistently missing deadlines and delivering updates that did not meet the needs of the business.

Change App


Align application with business needs.

Hire Team


Hire three new people for the development team.

Implement Process


Implement a lean process for the team to follow to allow them to be successful.


New Hires


Streamlined Development Process


CyberMedics designed a development team that would enable Security 101 to achieve their business goals.

First, we investigated their existing team and process to understand why the business requirements were not being met. Then, we designed a new development system that included new job roles and an entirely new process that leveraged lean principles.


CyberMedics assisted in the job search by providing job descriptions for key roles, filtering candidates, and performing job interviews.

While Security 101 is very good at identifying and hiring top-tier security talent, they needed help building a software development team. We wrote new job descriptions for each role to attract the right talent.


CyberMedics worked closely with the newly hired development team to teach lean processes.

In order to teach their new development team the best lean practices, CyberMedics:

  • Led Kaizen events

  • Implemented product development process in Jira

  • Coached the team on the CyberProcess™ to reinforce lean practices


Taking all the feedback from the Deliver phase, gathering valuable takeaways, and reinstating the CyberProcess. 

With the new team in place and exercising the new CyberProcess™, we turned our focus to ensuring the business was supported by new application development. Moving forward, their new development team could now deliver updates that support the growth of the company. We also continue to partner with their team to lead new projects.


is here to help.

We work to understand your current business processes and uncover your organization's unique needs to deliver long-term growth. Tell us more about your project to start the conversation.

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