IT Management Consulting

Case Study

Our team helped turn around a struggling development team by teaching them our processes, assisting with job searches, and providing management consulting to enable the development team to meet their personal business needs.

To help Security 101, we needed to create an MVP that real users could test to guide improvements. CyberMedics designed an organic marketing platform to connect auto dealers with their customer's network.

The Challenge

Security 101 approached us looking for a technical partner to bring their unique idea to life. The client was in the process of identifying their product, target market, and a business plan that would allow them to be successful. They needed to find a partner to guide them through the startup process and create a tangible product.

Idea to Life


A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) must be established.

Automated Process


The platform must integrate into auto dealer systems.

Create Meaningful Content


The platform achieves its goal of creating personalized content for the customer.


Seamless Process


Idea Brought to Life


CyberMedics designed a system to share customized landing pages on social media.

The design was to create a social media platform that allowed people to share their story to social media. Some crucial requirements that needed to be implemented included:

  • Complying with Facebook integration requirements

  • Respecting individual's privacy while also giving valuable insights to the business using the platform

  • An intuitive process that was easy-to-use and required minimal maintenance


CyberMedics developed an organic marketing platform to connect auto dealers with their customer's network.

We devised tried-and-true lean software methodologies that specifically aligned with their business needs and goals. During the development phase, we primarily focused on features that we wanted to test in the marketplace.


CyberMedics worked closely with beta users to understand their concerns and gather insights about the platform.

We rigorously tested the platform to uncover features that we believed were important to include. We also took note of elements that could be removed entirely.


Taking all the feedback from the Deliver phase, gathering valuable takeaways, and reinstating the CyberProcess. 

In the final phase, our main goal was to drive continuous improvement. We developed the platform in such a way that allowed us to easily make changes.

The client is a nationally recognized leader in the security industry. Security 101 offers a range of services including system design, engineering, and installation.