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Approval Tracking System

Case Study

Our team replaced a legacy system with a modern, cloud-based application tracking system using Microsoft 365 and Power Apps. The new system is easier to use, integrates directly with other business tools, and leverages existing Microsoft licenses, ultimately saving time and money.

To help Hayward Industries, we needed to understand how the existing process was producing value as well as identify the wastes. Using that information, we would build a new system in the cloud that would enable the enterprise to handle change more effectively.

The Challenge

Hayward Industries had been using a legacy approval tracking system to notify employees and collect approvals during the product change process. The legacy system was extremely manual, could not integrate with external tools, required expensive licensing, and did not meet the needs of the business. Hayward asked our team to review their current process, and build a new, automated process using Microsoft  365 and Power Apps.

Replace System


Build a cloud-based system.

Reduce Entry Errors


Integrate business intelligence to guide users.

Integrate with external systems


Gather data from other applications and provide automated reporting.


Microsoft Power Apps based Approval Tracking System


CyberMedics helped Hayward Industries analyze the legacy system and design an ideal solution.

We analyzed the legacy system by mapping the processes, interviewing the users, and identifying wastes. Then, we interviewed the users to identify what processes and features an ideal system would include such as:

  • Have the system identify the reviewers

  • Users can easily access the system

  • Reporting to identify process issues


CyberMedics used Microsoft 365 to develop an Approval Tracking System that satisfied the needs of both the users and the business.

After understanding the current state and the ideal process, CyberMedics developed a solution that would satisfy the business requirements:

  • No third party tools - The business was not willing to incorporate any tools outside of the Microsoft Power Apps environment.

  • Integration into existing workflows - The system had to fit seamlessly into the existing change processes by automatically importing/exporting data.


CyberMedics met frequently with the project team and end users to ensure a smooth transition from the old to new system.

We worked closely with the Hayward team to fine-tune the details of the new system. Our team set up development, staging, and production environments following ITIL guidelines. We conducted workshops, teaching the Hayward IT team how to customize and manage the system going forward.


Once the whole team was certain that the system was performing as anticipated, we were prepared to evaluate its impact.


Working with Hayward, we ensured the impact was easy to measure and the project was worthwhile.

​The focus on integration for the Approval Tracking System made it easy to identify the impact that the system had on the business. Some positive impacts included:

  • Approval tracking metrics surfaced directly into existing management dashboards

  • Less rejections due to incorrect approvers

  • Quicker approval turnaround due to notification system

Hayward Industries designs, manufactures, and markets a portfolio of pool equipment and associated automation systems in North America, Europe, and internationally.

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